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SEVEN "C" - Characteristics Of Good Trainers

Salam Hormat

Recently, I have too much international classes which required me to fly around the globe. From East to West and back to East. Not even got chance to spend school holidays with kids. I was aways since the start of school holiday until now - alhamdulillah still I got chance to take them for Pangkor Trips for a short trips.

As a trainer, you spend so much time sharing your expertise knowledge with your students and hope they will get thru in the Certification Exam...

Honestly I felt tried traveling with less time spend at my home town. I just thought that I did this because I love my job, love to share knowledge with peoples and got friends at all places. However, sometime you are tight with the business peoples who are, of course, wanted to leverage you to make more profits. Being the human-being, to the certain extend you will be breakdown. It is difficult to do training when you start losing focus, motivation and inspiration.

Thus, it is good to love our jobs but not necessary to love the company!!

When you feel down, Allah may send someone to increase your motivation.... alhamdulillah I met someone that have been working more than 50 years. His name is Dr Hj Muhammad Petro Barbeito. He is Spanish and live in Miri, Sarawak. He worked with Shell for more than 35 years as Geologist and now doing freelance training. What surprise me is ... he is 74 years old and still passion doing training. 

    geologist is a scientist who studies the solid and liquid matter that constitutes the Earth as well as the processes and history that have shaped it. Geologists usually engage in studying geology.
We stayed in Brunei Shell Apartment 29 Seria. We talked about our experiences in international training and somehow its lead to Sudan's experiences. He was in Sudan in 2005 and I was there at the same time. We shared about our valuable experience about peoples, cultures, food etc. One thing for sure, not everyone has such opportunities to travel around the world. He is right! 
Mr Muhammad Petro Barbeito

Actually, I am seeing myself in the next 20 years.... am I still doing what I love to do? Err am I fit enough to do the same things like him? Somehow I remembered what Mr Jack Ma of said that "Do what you do best at age of 40 years and share with the young peoples at the age of 50"... err I am sharing at the age of 40 already huh... 

Stand still means declined! 

Seven characteristics of a good trainers - 7C


By character I mean the professional credentials and credibility of the trainer. Training as a career choice is different from all other professions. You need to have a passion towards training your disciples to success especially since you, as a trainer, would be responsible for several young enthusiasts’ career. A trainer faces his acid test when his students undergo their final evaluation. Therefore, a good trainer is one who considers his job a lot more than merely a source of income. If you actually start believing that you are doing more than just earning your salary, you would be able to influence and impress your students a lot more effectively.
Tuan Kamarul Azhar - founder of Ahadan Coach
Command on the subject
The second most important trait that is important for a trainer to have is a thorough grasp of his subject. Needless to say, a trainer with an imperfect knowledge about his topics is jeopardizing the careers of his students, and such a person soon loses the respect of his class. The only way you can effectively grab the attention as well as the respect of the trainees is to convey to them that you indeed have a superior knowledge of the subject. E.g. I am the ITIL Expert with industry certification and thorough experiences. 

Communication Skills

Its one thing to have the necessary qualifications and expertise of a subject and another to be able to communicate your knowledge to an audience effectively! Some trainers lose the respect and interest of their audience despite their superior knowledge of the subject because they lack the confidence and the communication skills to connect with their students. 
Tuan Syed Faizal S.Rahman - expert in what he do!
It often happens that a discussion heading towards a certain topic swings to something entirely different, which distracts the attention of the class and leads to a wastage of valuable time. Now, it is the trainer's job to be on the driver’s seat and ensure that everyone is on the same wavelength. This takes not only confidence but also a lot of subtlety and tactfulness to keep the trainees focused on the subject.


The trainer must be capable enough to address the needs of every individual participant in his class. He shouldn’t allow himself to get carried away by the superior understanding and grasping prowess of a few bright students and neglect the needs of the rest of the flock. Every individual is different, as far as intelligence is concerned, so the trainer needs to ensure that everyone is progressing at the same pace and nobody gets left behind.
Mr Abu Barzah, new talented comer


A good trainer is one who is able to make his subject as simple and interesting as possible. His language should be stimulating but prosaic. There should be no element of ambiguity. If the topic under discussion is challenging and complicated, the trainer try to go slow and be patient enough to repeat himself as many times as needed.
Mr Azhar Samat, expert in outdoor training
Nobody is interesting in listening to the droning drivels of a boring dud. No matter how important a topic you seem to be discussing, if you don’t have a charismatic personality, people simply won’t listen. Period! A successful trainer is one who is able to enthrall and captivate his students with his words. Being charismatic and dynamic will dramatically improve the trainer's acceptability and likeability amongst his audience. They then won’t have to make an effort to listen but will listen despite themselves, and will keep up with everything that’s being taught to them.
Sources of 7C - MensXP

Practice make perfect! 

SirNoordin Khalid
Brunei International Airport
Bandar Sri Begawan




Actually I am looking forward to my first scuba diving experience, however I always wonder if I get claustrophobic phobia or nervous when underwater. I have been tried a lot of things in life but I don't like to be in closed or small space or under water where less oxygen… but we would not know until we tried it right! This is one of my 100 dreams that I really wanted to fulfill. #Rahsia100Impian #R100I

From Wikipedia

Claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape and being in closed or small space or room It is typically classified as an anxiety disorder and often results in panic attack, and can be the result of many situations or stimuli, including elevators crowded to capacity, windowless rooms, and even tight-necked clothing. The onset of claustrophobia has been attributed to many factors, including a reduction in the size of the amygdalaclassical conditioning, or a genetic predisposition to fear small spaces.

Day-by-day, the dream is getting stronger and inspiring to see the creation of Allah in the underwater world. Thus, we set the target and register ourselves for Scuba Course in Scuba Diving Phuket PADI 5Star Dive Centre, Phuket Thailand. It is cost about ThB 1500 per person. (MYR1600). The best part of the offer, money back guarantee if we decided to cancel our trips even within 24 hours before.

We booked our flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket via Malaysia Airlines (MAS) cost us about MYR350 per person. (Early booking guarantees good price). We stayed at Amata Hotel, Patong 4 Star and cost us about USD17/day booking via Again, early booking and non-peaks session will ensure good discounted price.

At 9.00 am our pick up arrived at the hotel to take us to Super Dive Centre. We were introduced to Mr Michael Clark known as Mike. He is our instructor for the next 3 days.  The program is started with Theory Class via Video session, Quiz and final exam for Professional Association of Diving Instructor (PADI) certification.

All of us passed the the theoretical exam with flying colour and my wife got 90% passing marks … ha ha ha ... 

Then we were brought to PADI Dive Centre equipped with swimming pool of 4 meter deep for practical training. Before we start the practical training, we need to undergo 2 more practical tests – swimming for 300 meter with foot fins and floating for 10 minutes. Alhamdulillah both of us get thru the practical tests.  I admired at my wife as she managed to get thru this test because only recently she learned how to swim and floating.

In Practical training, Mr Mike teaches us the foundation knowledge and skills as scuba diver. We were introduced with the dive equipment e.g. Buoyancy Control Device BCD, Mask Snorkeling, Fin, Scuba Tank, Regulator, Computer Clock and others. For the safely reasons, we also learned how to install our own equipment and check our buddy too. We practiced clearing our masks, equalizer (popping our ears), switching/ replacing our regulators with buddy and buoyancy. 

During the practise I noticed that I kept on holding my masks gear and felt the water is go into my nose. Mr Mike advised,“I see nothing wrong with your gear. It’s all in your mind! Trust your equipment and breathing slowly” . One thing for sure, breathing underwater does not feel natural and little freaky though!

We spent near 2 hours in pool for practising.  Mr Mike was so patient and motivates us to trust ourselves and remove the fears!

With all this practices, it’s really improved our level of confidence and I felt like I have eliminated my phobia. Ahamdulillah.. Anyway the pool is only 4 meter deep and you can see the surface in case of any panic-attack but tomorrow we were told that the deep is 12 – 18 meter…..  err can I?


On the day of dive, we woke up a bit early, took our breakfast (a bit light) and wait at the hotel’s lobby for pick-up. We went to the other side of Phuket for boat rides to Racha Noi & Yai. It is taken about 30 minutes to reach the boat areas and 2 hours for Racha Noi Island.

During the boat ride, our instructor Mr Mike gave us briefing then we need to check our own and buddy equipment. Whatever we practised yesterday is now being tested. The boat siren sound loudly which means we are 10 minutes to destinations. Gear up guys!

One by one divers jumped into the ocean and we are the last persons to do so. Honestly, I do not know what to expect and little scary.  We start with practicing “Tired divers technique” for few meters towards shallow water. Then we slowly descending further and further into another world – underwater world. It was amazing! I keep smiling in heart and amaze with the scenery that I am experiencing. Masyallah... no words shall describe what we seen! 

Even in the deep sea, Mr Mike keeps showing his confident and motivates face to us that we can do! We did not notice that we have descending down to 12 meter deep and 45 minutes underwater. We so amaze with the uniqueness of the underwater creatures. The water was so clear up to 20 meter view and the reef was so beautiful. It was just stunning!

After our first dive, we had lunch and debrief by Mr Mike. We discussed what we do wrong and how to improve our skills. For every subsequent dive, we are tested our skills to qualified the PADI requirements.

After 2 – 3 dives, we start feeling confortable and get use to move around with less fear. Our confident are high, we can’t wait for the next dive. It was truly amazing! We also got chance for some fun-dive near Racha Noi.

We are so pleased that we choose Scuba Diving Phuket for our first experience diving. Special thanks to Mr Mike that are patience enough train us and ensure our safety thru out the course.  We also learned that diver are family!

It was an amazing experience that we will never forgot. Diving is close to flying! Indeed we feel that we are flying in deep blue sea.


SirNoordin Khalid

Racha Noi

Wednesday, December 9, 2015



Destinasi cuti persekolahan kali ini adalah di Pulau Pangkor, Perak.
Panorama View di Teluk Nipah


Seperti yang dirancang, kami bertolak tepat jam 9 pagi dari Bukit Beruntung melalui PLUS Highway hingga ke Tol Bidor. Meneruskan perjalanan menuju ke Teluk Intan (Setiawan) terus ke Lumut. Perjalanan mengambil masa 3 jam. Kami sampai di pekan Lumut sekitar jam 12 tengahari. Kereta diletakkan ditempat parking bertingkat sekitar pekan Lumut. Untuk 4 hari 3 malam sekitar RM45 (tak ingat secara tepat tapi bawah RM50)
Snoorkeling di Pulau Giam

Kami terus menaiki bot untuk ke Pulau Pangkor. Bayaran Pergi-Balik bagi dewasa adalah RM10 dan kanak-kanak (5 – 12 tahun) adalah RM5.  Perkhidmatan bot ke Pulau Pangkor boleh didapati pada setiap 15 minit dan perjalanan memakan masa hampir 1/2 jam.  Untuk makluman, bot akan berhenti sebanyak 2 kali iaitu di Kampung Pinang Kecil dan Jeti Pulau Pangkor. Err jangan tersilap kerana kami lihat ramai pelancong keluar di perhentian pertama dan masuk semula …. Ha ha ha …

Berkayak ke Pulau Giam

Semasa kami sampai di Jeti Pulau Pangkor, kami dapati ramai pelancong beratur menunggu bot untuk pulang ke Lumut…. queue yang sangat panjang…agaknya ramai masuk hari Jumaat dan pulang hari Ahad. Alhamdulillah 'timing' kami baik.... tidak ramai orang! 

Kami terus mengambil perkhidmatan teksi (van warna pink) ke Teluk Nipah dengan bayaran RM20. Perjalanan sekitar 20 minit. Terus check-in di Pangkor Inn, Teluk Nipah.  Sebulan sebelum perjalanan kami telah menempah 2 bilik di Pangkor Inn, Teluk Nipah dengan bayaran RM130 bilik/semalam. Harga chalet di Teluk Nipah biasanya diantara RM70 – RM130 bergantung kepada musim cuti sekolah, cuti umum atau hujung minggu. Pangkor Inn menjadi pilihan kami kerana ada kolam renang kecil (untuk anak-anak) serta berdekatan dengan pantai dalam jarak sekitar 50 meter. Kebanyakan chalet-chalet di Teluk Nipah adalah perniagaan peribadi maka tidak perlulah letak “expectation” yang tinggi. 

Untuk tempahan di Pangkor Inn, Teluk Nipah boleh hubungi no ini +6017 467 3477

Pulau Giam - err teringat Giligan Island

Tiada aktiviti petang kecuali anak2 aku mandi kolam renang walaupun hakikatnya hati sudah tak sabar nak turun ke laut.


Selepas sarapan kami bersiap untuk ke Pulau Giam – Snorkeling. Seronok tengok anak2 berenang sambil bagi ikan makan. Kami lepak di Pulau Giam ini selama 2 jam sambil makan2 – tapau nasi lemak di Teluk Nipah tadi. Setelah puas kami balik ke Teluk Nipah dan kali ini kami ini mencuba naik ‘Banana Water Ride’ ….  Selepas itu, kami kembali berkayak ke Pulau Giam… selama 1 jam. Memang puas hati karana dapat menguji kebolehan anak2 berenang ketika di laut…(ada peluang bawa snorkeling kat Phuket lak hihi)

Letih dan lapar … balik chalet makan tengahari dan tidur….  Sebelah petang pula sekadar lepak2 dan makan di tepi pantai.  Sebelah malam, kami layan ikan bakar…

Secret beach


Pada awalnya kami merancang untuk ke Pulau Giam dan mandi2 disana kerana pantainya agak landai serta lebih menarik. Tetapi abang bot bawa kami ke pantai lain iaitu sebeleh atas dari Teluk Nipah… sekitar 10 minit dengan bot. Pantai ini pasirnya lebih halus serta landai. Oleh kerana pantai ini tidak ramai orang, air kelihatan amat jernih serta kelihatan ikan2 bermain di tepi pantai. Kami lepak disini lebih dari 3 jam. Terasa puas berenang tanpa gangguan bot mahupun orang ramai…maaf aku terlupa nama pantai tu.

Terus kembara memberi erti

Sekadar itu sahaja celoteh cuti-cuti Malaysia kali ini...sampai jumpa lagi. Wassalam.

#Pengembara menempuh pengalaman menghalusi kejadian alam ciptaan Tuhan

Teluk Nipah, Pangkor