Monday, August 25, 2014

Travelog Road Journey to KRABI Part 2

Travelog Kuala Lumpur to Krabi... Part 2


Actually, our original plan is to stay around Ao Nang or may be drive around Krabi town or shopping. However after awesome experiences to four islands yesterday, we decided to go to Phi Phi Island, which covers 7 more destinations via speedboat. Last night we surfed around Ao Nang for a better deals… we found Barracudas Tour. 

The cost of Phi Phi Island Tour is 3,600Tbh (900Thb per persons) including lunch. This trip covers Maya Bay (scene of The Beach– film stars Leondardo Dicaprio), Bamboo Island, Viking Cave, Phi Phi Don (lunch), Lohsamah Bay – beautiful lagoon in Phi Phi Ley), Monkey Bay and Yung Island.

We started our journey at 9.00 am at the beach in front of our hotel.  We can see that there were heavy rains in front of us with high wave. The new challenge was the heavy rains and high wave but it is just fora about 30 minutes. The journey took nearly one hour to reached Bamboo Island.
With Barracudas Team

The view at "The Beach"

The view of entering "The Beach"


So amazing! 

For this trips, we got chance to snorkeling in three different areas, which are Monkey Bay, Yung Island and Bamboo Island.  It was so amazing, fantastic experiences and remarkable.  We really enjoyed feeding the fish while snorkeling in the crystal clear water.  Honestly, we forgot the time we really spent in the water!

In Phi Phi Island with Asmadi 

We went to Phi Phi Don Island for lunch and rest for 1½ hour.  We took opportunity to get along with the local peoples who can speak “Malay or Nara”. One young gentleman name Asmadi from Narathiwat working in the restaurant nearby shared his story about Tsunami hit the islands from two sides 10 years ago.  The Tsunami's wave as high as the coconut tree or may be higher. He added that the only place that does not hit by Tsunami is the As Islah Koh Phi Phi Mosque.

As Islah Koh Phi Phi Mosque

Our boat parked at Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Don Island really makes feel in love with the nature – no road, no car and in fact, we plan to stay here in our coming trip. Insyallah!

After another round of snorkeling, we heading back to Ao Nang beach. We arrived at the hotel around 4.30 pm.

Dinner at Ao Nang Seafood Restaurant

For dinner, we went to the same Ao Nang Seafood restaurant. This time we ordered 2 fishes with different style of cooking, scramble egg and Thai Curry Mussels. Superb! It cost us 2,300Tbh. 


We checked-out around 6.00 am and the road was so clear. The journey took about 13 ½ hours from Ao Nang to Bukit Beruntung.

Plan Route:
Ao Nang – Krabi – Trang – Patthalung – Hat Yai – Danuk – Kayu Hitam – Bukit Beruntung

Lunch in Hat Yai - Danuk 

We only stop at the before the Thrang – Patthalung junction for coffee, meeting my old friend at Hat Yai for lunch, immigration at Kayu Hitam, RR Gurun and RR Semanggol.

Alhamdulillah we safely home by 8.30 pm (Malaysia Time).

In conclusion, the Travelog journey to Krabi is about “It’s love at the first sight”. We really enjoyed our holidays because there’s no schedule, no hustle-and-bustle, and no reason to be in hurry…  it is feel like a storybook experience!

Insyallah we will be back!

Noordin Khalid
Ao Nang, Krabi