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How to become ITIL Expert

ITIL Expert is one of the most sough-after qualifications in the IT industry worldwide, with an average starting salary of 100,000.

Route to ITIL Expert

The ITIL qualifications scheme offers a modular approach to the ITIL framework. In this scheme, candidates are free to select from a variety of qualifications which focus on targeted areas of the ITIL Service Lifecycle to varying degrees of depth and specialism. ITIL Expert is the step up from Managing Accross the Lifecycle.

Who is ITIL Expert for?

The ITIL Expert qualification is for thouse of you who are interested in demonstrating a superior level of knowledge of the ITIL secheme. ITIL Experts benefit in both personal and professional development, by aiding career advancement and progression within the IT Service Management field. The next step is the ITIL Master level, which is the highest in the scmeme.

How can you actualy become an ITIL Master then?

Well, the key requirements are
  1. You must hold the ITIL Foundation certificate or a Bridge qualification equivalent.
  2. You must hold a total of 17 credits achieved from ITIL Foundation and ITIL Intermediate modules before the Managing Across the Lifecycle module can be taken. Some credits from previous qualifications and complimentary can also count towards the 17 credits which are prerequisite for Managing Across the Lifecyclemodule.
  3. You must then have passed the Managing Accross the Lifecycle module 17 credits have been earned to achieve a total of 22 credits minimum required for  your ITIL expert.
  4. Candidates should achieve a balanced knowledge base across the full ITIL service lifecycle.
These requirements will ensure that all candidates who achieve ITIL Expert have successfully completed a series of qualifications which span all ITIL disciplines consistently.
Once you have successfully completed all requisite ITIL modules and have earned sufficient credits, you will be awarded the ITIL Expert certificate.

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In a recent survey (source: ‘The benefits of investing in ITIL Expert Certification, ITpreneurs 2010,’) the following statistics were uncovered:
  • 79% of people who had reached ITIL Expert level indicated that training and certification helped them to develop their skills so that they could better perform their job, and be more productive, and measurably helped the IT organisation improve overall productivity.
  • 80% of ITIL Experts say that achieving this level of ITIL expertise led to better implementation of IT Service Management processes within their organisation.
  •  91% of ITIL Experts state that ITIL advanced certification is a competitive differentiator. They say that the certification helps them gain confidence and makes them stand out amongst non-certified people.
  •  83% of the respondents say that their expertise is more valued by management after they became ITIL Experts. 87% say their expertise is more valued by peers inside or outside the organization.
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Noordin Khalid
ITIL Expert

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