Saturday, August 2, 2014

ITSM: Tomorrows' Strategies of Managing Services

Program conducted by Noordin Khalid on 10 July 2014 at PJ Hilton Hotel

Title: Tomorrows' Strategies of Managing Services

As the CDC company is transforming itself into a service-based organisation, a briefing attended by the top 12 management was held at the PJ Hilton Hotel on 10 July recently. At the meeting facilitated by Noordin Khalid, he extolled the necessary steps CDC need to take to successfully make the change.

Before understanding what service management is, the programme also specifically defined what service really entails. By definition, "service is a means of delivering values to customers by facilitating the outcomes customers what to achieve without the ownerships of specific costs and risks".

The outcomes-based definition of service is moving IT organisations beyond business-IT alignment towards business-IT integration. Therefore, IT organisations must shift emphasis from efficient utilisation of resources to the effective realisation of business outcomes. 

At the core of the transformation towards a service-based organisation are the 4P elements - People, Process, Product (Tools) and Partners. These four items mimic closely CDC core values of Intrapreneurial, Commitment, Doing it Right and Collaborate. 

The elements; supported by best practise models and standards such as ITIL, COBIT, CMMI and ISO20000. With these the 4P are to be developed as CDC strategies assets by providing training to improve competency, process maturity and manage technology's capabilities. 

The half-day briefing enlightened the top management and strengthened their confidence to implement the initiative more so with the impending "Go-Live" of NextGen ePerolehan come early 2015.

Noordin Khalid
Certified ITIL (Expert), COBIT5, Prince2, LeanIT, ISO20000

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