Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ITSM: The main advantages

My new articles written for CDC News in August 2014

The three main advantages of Service Management are cost-reductions, strategy unification and continual service improvement.  The integration of core business objectives allows an effective operational efficiency and cost reduction through improved end-to-end organization visibility.

Thus, the process management and identifying target areas for improvement are essentials.  The common target areas are reducing recurring incidents, reducing recurring incidents, reducing average incident resolution time, reducing user down time and decreasing overall IT support costs. ITSM helps to reduce the occurrence of problems while also minimizing the impact of organizational errors, allowing for an efficient and cost-effective business performance.

ITSM assist strategic unification that helps to increase cross-functional communication and better transparency while simultaneously reducing the possibility of poor alignment for organizational goals. This will give the opportunity to align customer needs with business satisfaction.

With more effective cross-functional transparency, it also inadvertently creates an opportunity for continual service improvement. E.g. better alignment of business priorities, effective change management to accommodate for fluctuating demands, enhanced customer fulfillment, greater customer satisfactions

The innovative nature of ITSM will allow consistent self-improvement across operational functions for increased productivity and a cost-justified infrastructure.

Our next steps in the next 90 days…

  • Stop talking! Stop doing the wrong things! Ask yourself what does your customers think of you and your services
  • Look closely at your services… is it what’s needed or what you think you should provide? Ask your customer’s how you can improve and better manage their expectation on both sides
  • Make commitment to deliver the services that they deserve

     Service Excellence is the next ... 

 Noordin Khalid
 Certified ITIL (Expert), COBIT5, Prince2, LeanIT, ISO20000

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