Sunday, April 26, 2009

ITIL v3 Training

Last week and coming week, I got back to back training assignment for ITIL v3 Foundation Training. Alhamdulillah its shown a positive indication for Quint Wellington Redwood (QWR) - the company that I attached with.

Last week, I have 6 students from Shell and Mesiniaga ... all of them sit for the exam and hope they get thru in this certification program. My next week class is in InfoTrek, Amcorp Malls ... I learned there are 18 students for this program. In mid May I will be at Brunai Shell for the same training.

Actually when we conduct training...talks for 3 days always challenging... we got to keep fit (no joke when you got to stand the whole day for 3 days). From my experience, the first day always make me exhausted ... the challenges are to set up the expectation, the flow of the presentation and the audience. Al-maklumlah the audience are so called "corporate".

Normally, I managed to release the tension by practising my Taekwondo ...

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