Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thank You from an ITIL Expert


Email yang diterima dari pelajar Sir yang telah mengikuti program Sir sejak 2010...

Dear Noordin,

Hope you are having a pleasant time.

For sure you know now that I am an ITIL Expert  that after passing such a tough exam ( MALC ).

I would like to thank you "After Allah SWT" for your valuable and considerable guidance, support and effort through out the ITIL journey, and I am absolutely confident that without you, I wouldn't have been able to make it so smooth and within such short period, not mentioning your notable ability of making such topic enjoyable to study and attend the classes.

Hope to see you soon ISA, and enjoy more of your classes in a different topic.

Walid A. Ginawi
Khartoum, Sudan

Kepuasan apabila melihat pelajar yang mengikuti program Sir selama hampir 2 tahun dan akhirnya di tauliahkan sebagai pakar.  Tahniah!


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