Saturday, October 23, 2010

Testimonial from Philippines

This testimonial from Dominic Anthony N. Tan, Philippines

Subject: Feedback on ITIL v3 Foundations Training

The training which I have had the opportunity to attend was great learning experience for me. The instructor/trainer, Noordin Khalid, brought valuable insight from his years of experience working in various industries. His tips and examples helped me understand ITIL from a practical, real-world point of view which greatly supplemented the slides and the training material. The discussions were very informative and questions raised were answered and explained clearly.

I did not think 2.5 days was enough to learn content from over 400 pages. I was surprised that at the end of 3 days, I really did learn a lot. I find the method of instruction very engaging. Open discussion and teaching ITIL from real experience was definitely an added value to the course. The training did not end up to be a memorization marathon which we needed to beat into our heads before taking the exam. Instead, I simply read the manual and found it easier to understand because of how the trainer presented the material.

ITIL isn't about memorizing terminology and jargon. It was about understanding the concepts which make it an international standard and taking those concepts being able to see it from a practical standpoint.

Being able to apply what I've learned was always my goal. I was very fortunate to have learned under Noordin Khalid and have a very informative and well-structured knowledge supplement in form of Quint's ITIL training manual.

If given the chance to train under Noordin Khalid in future advanced classes, I would definitely take the opportunity.

Thank you!

Dominic Anthony N. Tan

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